Oh no!

i got on my okcupid account for the first time in forever and it was truly magnificent.

"I noticed you enjoy pizza, whats your favorite I’d more than likely give it to Pizza Hut if we are talking about Delivery however Dominos has the best bread sticks in the world in my opinion."

like that is literally the most amazing conversation starter i’ve ever seen. boys are so fucking stupid.

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    Very simple. There are two argumentative thoughts. 1) People who attack and hurt other people, deserve to get attacked...
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    What a fuckwad. I hate a lot of my gender because of people like this. She is a wonderful person, and you are the one...
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    Basically you both acted like douchebags and should say sorry to each other and go separate ways and not be mean again...
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    I like her tits
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    You know, I agreed with you until you took the time and effort to go through my pictures, find one of my breasts, and...
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    and you’re right because you FEEL you’re right. it’s disgusting and awful for you to say people aren’t worth anything...
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    Isn’t that the point of okcupid?
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    To be perfectly fair, Dominos has terrible breadsticks. So yeah, the guy is an idiot.
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    So when I was in school, during class I heard one girl talking about how her phone didn’t work and it turns out she was...